The Mission of “AIM”: “Aiming to Reach the Next Generations: From One Generation to the Next!”

Our focus for 2018 is: "Who Am I?"

Please join us Sunday December 9th at Laurel Woods Activities / Community Room in Ashland for Church Service 8:45 - 10:00am and then for Sunday Funday  10:15am - 11:45am

(From 95, take Rt. 54  West  to second stop light and turn right on Cottage Green Drive - go north to last right just before the end of Cottage Green Drive)

Advent Sunday Two:

(Light Candle One and Candle Two)

          A Question in Unison:

Why are we lighting 2 candles today?

First Reader: We light candles to symbolize that we live as pilgrims on an Advent Journey. For everyone it is a journey of faith. Last week our Advent Journey of stopped at The Prophet’s Candle. We all have lives of darkness that need hope and      encouragement. Hope is a place of promises. But, those      promises need fulfilment or we sink into dark despair.

Second Reader: That is why our 2nd candle-The Bethlehem Candle is a candle of faith.. See while Isaiah is referred  to as a     Christmas Prophet, so was Micah who prophesied over 700 years before Jesus’ birth:: “But, you, O Bethlehem of      Ephrathah, who are one of the little clas of Judah, from you      shall come forth one who is to rule in Israel, whose origin is     from ancient of days! He shall be the one of peace!”

Third Reader: The gospel writer, Matthew, tells of Wise men, who came to Jerusalem inquiring: “Where is he who is born King of King of the Jews? We have observed His Star rising!”       Scribes and chief priests checked the scriptures and saw that Micah had said it would be in Bethlehem!

 Fourth Reader: Luke says shepherds were near Bethlehem watching over their flocks by night when angels announced “good news of great joy!” And, the shepherd said, “Let us go to         Bethlehem to see this thing that has taken place!”

Fifth Reader: And, this indeed is the challenge and opportunity that we may come to Bethlehem, but not as the shepherds to see! Let us come to celebrate the birth of our Jesus not simply    to see our Messiah and Savior. Let us go, as Matthew tells us of the wise men who went and “upon entering the house, ....they knelt down and worshiped Him!”

So We worship in a song of faith: “O Come All Ye Faithful…”

And, We pray as people of faith: (Stuart to lead)...



Introducing You and Inviting You to

New Ways of Faith Expression!

“AIM” Church with an Ashland Impact Mission

To reach out to new subdivisions with the living gospel in new ways.

To be like Jesus for all of our neighbors including those in need with a meal and worship

   To provide Open Doors for Randolph Macon students to interact in celebration with their community neighbors.

   A movement, with our name coming from a hope and an intention to make a difference in Ashland, VA

      We are believers in Jesus Christ with a heart for Ashland